Summer Car Care Maintenance

The Importance of Caring for Your Car in the Summer Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. As we feel the temperatures rise and the smell of backyard barbecue wafts across the neighborhood, we know that summer is about to hit. Even though the cold weather has past does not mean your car is […]

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Is My Car Worth the Repair?

Determine Whether Your Car is Worth Repairing Everyone has experienced car trouble at some point in their life. There comes a moment when one must determine whether or not the repair is worth it. Several ways to determine if the car is worth the repair are by comparing prices. Does the cost of the repair […]

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Why Restore Your Car Seats?

Aside from aesthetics and durability, restoring car seats has a major impact on a car’s resale value. While properly maintaining a vehicle and keeping the interior cleaned is upkeep you can manage, seat wear is unavoidable. Leather seats, in particular, can begin to feather and permanently crease from the weight of drivers and passengers. There […]

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